Thursday, October 29, 2009

Project No. 5 "non-traditional" ink & ink like - part one

Remeber to click on images to enlarge them - there are many techniques used in the above artwork - some areas were masked off with, masking tape to protect them while ink was sprayed, washed and rubbed into other areas. "Ah-sticks" were used below to make the stratchy wall surfaces.
Above, the wild patterns and swirls made by applying ink on wet paper is partially brought under control with a graceful network of lines. Below is a more tradition drawing done on a rubbed, gray wash. Above, much brushwork was used to add the different values of ink. Below, the dark values were added to wet paper. Some talble salt seems to have been used near the bottom to make the dappled effect. Above is the study for the artwork below which incorporates painting values done with diluted ink. Above and below are lots of drips done on wet paper to begin making the forms which were then worked on by drawing tools.

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