Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Odds & Ends

Below are two more "traditional" pen & ink projects.
Remember to click on images to enlarge them and to see the artists' names. Here is an experiment that Steffanie discovered somewhere on the internet. First, a layer of shaving cream was placed in a tin. Next, ink was sprinkled on the shaving cream. Then, a toothpick or similar tool was used to push the ink around. Lastly, a clean paper was pushed into the ink and shaving cream making the "mono print" seen below. Next follow a few pages from sketchbooks which we review every Monday at the beginning of class. Dale Witherow, a professor in the art department many, many years ago, told his drawing students that they would need at least 100 sketches in their sketchbooks at the end of the sememster in order to have a chance at an A! Our sketchbooks are filling up and we are now at the halfway point of the semester.

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