Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Andy Wales talks to us and shows a stunning powerpoint!

We were fascinated by Andy's story of his strong desire to draw (at an early age!) - of his need to make art - of his quirky sense of humor that shines forth from his stories in his comic books. Andy has self-published three comics to date. He has created many three page comic stories that are published in a children's magazine. He has created four educational comics which involve much theory about how we learn and the different ways in which we are intelligent. He recently spent a weekend at a gathering (and showing) of many artists involved in small press comics.
Andy shared some of the small press comics that he has traded for over the years. Andy's passion to excell at drawing is seen in the many, many sketchbooks that he has filled through the years. He generously shared some of those with us, too. Andy asked us to look for the kind of art that appeals to us and to MAKE IT.
Thanks for the great talk - and energizing us to work more on our drawing skills!

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  1. Thanks, Paul. You have a way of saying what I said better than I said it! I enjoyed meeting the class, and I'm impressed by the drawings on this blog. Can't wait to see more.