Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still life in charcoal started

Above anna works from the posed still life and, like many of us, is featuring the deer head. Below Cheniece is focused on two of the other elements of the still life - a picture frame and a bucket.
Above you have to think Orca to get the full impact of the image made by Ashley C for Project No. 1. Now I only have one more teacher error to repair.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Examples of charcoal exercises done in sketchbooks

Generally, most of us felt uncomfortable with charcoal. As we worked with it though, we began to like some of the effects we were able to master. The next project will be a charcoal drawing of a posed still life.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Some Progress with the New Allen Hall - and the technical difficulty is repaired.

Click on the image to see the progress being made on the construction of the foundation.
Below is another solution to Problem No. 1 - nice use of color.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Project No 1 -

Below is an overview of some of the artwork ready to be discussed by the class.
Below is a graphic design student's solution for the first assigned project. I made an open-ended assignment to help me gain some insight into where each student stood at the beginning of the semester. More about the assignment here.
Oh oh. Repairs will be forthcoming.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Project No. 1 - the first assignment

Remember to click on the images to enlarge them and also to see the student artists' names. Above is every dog's dream. Below the cats pose as only they can.
Above is a cityscape where you can feel the weight of the buildings.

Project No. 1 - more solutions

Please click on the images to enlarge the artwork. At that time you will be able to see the name of the student artist who created the piece. Above a touch of color was added to create emphasis. Below subtle shading and unfinished areas add to the composition.
The drawing above lends itself to the making of a picture story book. Below, notice the lines that describe the background.
I've promised to work along with the students and below is my solution to the assignment.

Some of the solutions for Project No. 1

For the first project, I really wanted an open-ended assignment so that I could get a feel for the students' talents, abilities and interests. I made a general problem and stressed repetition and pattern with a little "rule of thirds" thrown in along with general design principles. Balance and harmony (the idea that the images held together) were discussed. Of course, drawing skills - convincing 3D images, gray tones, individual styles - were the main considerations. The artists' names are visible when you click on an image to enlarge it. Above is a study of stools on the counter - can you see/feel that one is wood and the other metal? Below is the artist's grandmother with her cup of coffee. Above is an example of an art student's preference for picture books! Below the artist shows her interest in fashion.
Below notice how the material contrasts with the skin of the model's back.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some additional sketchbook pages

Lindsay S kicked back to capture this sketch of her foot.
Below is Chris Raducha's rendering of a silver maple leaf.
Above Nicole McCarthy has been working on her project idea. Below Ashley Gibiser became interested in the design/pattern aspects of her sketch.
Above K. Foster created whispy textures. Below Levi has sketched part of the layout for his project no. 1.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few sketchbook pages No. 1

One of the course requirements is that each student must spend at least 20 minutes a day working in his/her sketchbook. (Actually six days a week - everyone needs a day off!) I've encouraged working from life - drawing things around them. I've promised to work along with them because I would like to again develop my skills in "fine art drawing."
Above is a finished page in Steffanie Bowes' sketchbook - note that there are three glasses repeated across the page. Also note that there are mid-tones and black & white. Below anna's drawing reminds us that powerful images can be made with faces.
Above Dick Feil shows us one of the comforts of home. And below Justine Aiya rendered some well planned 3D "entertainment." Note the reflections on the iPod.

A few sketchbook pages No. 2

Above Jonathan Stager used some charcoal with his pencil work and achieved some rich blacks (that seem to add a sinister dimension to the "duckie"). Below Brandy sketched at home so that she could draw the family cat.
Above you can see Bree VHD's hand applying pressure to her pencil lines. (some eraser crumbs, too!) Below is Meggie's fanciful depiction of steam coming from her teapot.
Below are some of Sam's sketches of horse heads.

A few sketchbook pages No. 3

Above is a page depicting a few small things - nice phone Cheneice Bostic! (Can you see the "turn of the screw" when you click on the photo to inlarge it? Below are two of Nichole's "thumbnail" sketches which show part of her efforts to make a layout for project no. 1.
Ashley C did some sketching over the weekend at her home.
And the last sketchbook page shows a girl that "Fumiko Aimi" drew partially from memory - a girl in our park.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two Days of Class

Below K. Foster works on some opening exercises the first day of class. (Remember to click on images to enlarge them.)
The second day of class, I had the good fortune of a small tree being blown over in my backyard. It was quite dead and full of textures and tones of gray. After a short half hour of sawing, we had some nice pieces to draw in our sketchbooks. Below Lindsay S. is getting started.
Jonathan Stager used Mt. Dew power to help his effort.
Justine Aiya had her own supply of different weight pencils. Brandy fit her piece of wood at the bottom of a page.
I was impressed by the overall effort and large amounts of patience spent by the students while they worked in their sketchbooks. They are assigned to work a minumum of 20 minutes each day in these sketchbooks. The next class should be interesting!