Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two Days of Class

Below K. Foster works on some opening exercises the first day of class. (Remember to click on images to enlarge them.)
The second day of class, I had the good fortune of a small tree being blown over in my backyard. It was quite dead and full of textures and tones of gray. After a short half hour of sawing, we had some nice pieces to draw in our sketchbooks. Below Lindsay S. is getting started.
Jonathan Stager used Mt. Dew power to help his effort.
Justine Aiya had her own supply of different weight pencils. Brandy fit her piece of wood at the bottom of a page.
I was impressed by the overall effort and large amounts of patience spent by the students while they worked in their sketchbooks. They are assigned to work a minumum of 20 minutes each day in these sketchbooks. The next class should be interesting!

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  1. I was happy to "log on" to my computer and see these drawings. Looks like it's going to be a great class!