Thursday, November 5, 2009

Project No. 6 - Draw, not paint, a favorite painting

There is some history behind this exercise, beside the fact that many art students, through the years, have painted copies of some of the grand masters paintings. About 25 years ago art professor Dale Witherow, here at Mansfield University, asked a young drawing student to draw some of the masters' paintings to help him develop a better sense of composition. The long-ago student, Andy Wales, brought some of these drawings when he spoke to our class last month. We admired them and decided that we'd like to try that!
I do not know all the paintings used as models here. I will point out the ones done by the more famous artists. Below is a cope of an Andrew Wyeth painting -
Some student chose artwork from our popular culture like the above and below copies. Above is a copy of a painting by a contemporary woman that expresses her feelings towards the plight of women in many parts of the world and below is a detail from Picasso's famous anti-war painting "Guernica." Here is a copy of a painting by the German illustrator Mueller. The student was hurrying to meet the deadline and be ready for our digital critique. I photograph the work and we study and talk about each piece when it is projected on a large screen. I will post the finished work later. Above is a copy of a detail from an Gustav Klimt painting and below is a copy of a detail from the Sistine Chapel (Michelangelo) The copy above is from Monet and below is a Salvador Dali -
Remember to right-click on images to see enlargements and the student artists' names. (Would you believe that my camera's battery expired - I will soon have a few more examples to post!)

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